Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Toshiba TG01 -- Getting Closer

The TG01 has an 8-percent larger display than the Touch HD and 21-percent slimmer. Toshiba’s new GUI is intended for one-handed use, with finger-friendly vertical panels that can be swiped through and rotated like vertical blinds. The smartphone also responds to gestures and shaking, with the shake feature used to answer and end calls, as well as to return to the homescreen; the accelerometer is also used to rotate the display. There’s also a virtual trackpad that can be used to navigate complex webpages in Internet Explorer Mobile 6, which comes with full Flash support. The handset also has direct access to Facebook, Google and YouTube.

We’re expecting big things from the Snapdragon CPU, which has dynamic speed control allowing it to throttle back during low use and, Toshiba claim, run for a whole day without requiring the user to hold back on their multimedia activities. The screen also has many of Toshiba’s HDTV technologies, including color matching, dynamic gamma correction and LCD backlight control. A microSDHC slot supports cards up to 32GB; it’s unclear what internal memory the TG01 has.

Toshiba expect the TG01 to be available in Europe sometime this Summer, and while they confirm that they’re in talks with carriers with regards exclusivity deals, they won’t say which networks. (Expect Verizon)Here is the phone in action...

Again, the specs of this new phone are pretty impressive: HSDPA 3G network support, A-GPS receiver for location based applications, Wi-Fi, and a 1GHz processor: the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD2850.

We’d love to see this device running Android but it doesn’t - at least until a dedicated hacker with some time gets their hands on the TG01.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toshiba TG01

Toshiba has revealed its TG01 smartphone which is said will be genuine competitor to the iPhone’s throne. With the World Mobile Congress still weeks away, Toshiba has got ahead of the crowd by showing off the Qualcomm’s 1Ghz Snapdragon powered TG01, and that will make it the fastest device on the market.
The Toshiba TG01 comes with a 4.1 inch WVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 400. The Smarthone also features HSDPA, 3G, WiFi, GPS and a microSD card slot.

TG01 will run Windows Mobile 6.1, with a custom UI designed by Toshiba. The phone control is made to be interesting, such as you will be able to answer or finish a call by shaking it.

The Smartphone has a virtual trackpad on the screen and uses Toshiba new technology G-sensor, which allows you to tilt the phone and navigate around a central spot on the screen.

The phone looks impressive from its specifications. It is expected to be available in the market this year summer.